Zeldin Rips Iran Deal: Would Have Been More Noble To Walk Away

In a press release, Rep. Lee Zeldin criticized the Obama administration’s deal on Iran’s nuclear program, saying it “would have been more noble” to walk away from the deal.

The White House and their media cohorts are painting the Iran agreement as ‘reining in Iran’s nuclear program,’ touting “robust monitoring, verification, and inspection.”

Anyone with some sense of the history behind Iran’s nuclear program recognizes that the Iranian regime will not allow monitoring, verification, and they will consistently turn away inspectors.

The naive administration thinks they’ve struck a deal with Iran, but they’ve only struck a deal against themselves, and against the best interests of our allies in the Middle East.

Zeldin, co-Chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, believes there’s a reason that no other President has gone down this path with Iran.  He called it “the road less traveled for good reason.”

Via his press release:

The President just stated that there will be a 24/7, anytime, anywhere inspections. That’s simply and completely untrue.

The road was less travelled, because the Iranians cannot be trusted and were not negotiating in good faith.  If weapons inspectors don’t have unfettered access to observe Iran’s nuclear program, compliance will never be met.

The road was less travelled, because our enemies do not respect weakness. They only respect strength, consistently applied.

Walking from a bad deal would have been more noble than weakness shown down a path less travelled for good reason.

Former Ambassador John Bolton also warned of the effects of the Iran deal.

The #IranDeal is a diplomatic Waterloo, it will pave the way for a #NuclearIran

— John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) July 14, 2015

Zeldin added that Congress must reject the deal.

“That is the critically important and most noble path forward for the rest of us very concerned about life,” he wrote. “Not just now, but also after the Obama Presidency.”


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