Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, appeared on MSNBC this morning and did a word-association game with the hosts in which he called Hillary Clinton a “loser.”

But he has an odd way of showing his disdain for somebody he considers a “loser.”

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Christie received a bit of praise from Clinton for his debate performance on Saturday, in which he went into attack dog mode against Marco Rubio. In fact, they consulted with each other on campaign tactics in New Hampshire.

Now, perhaps even worse for conservative voters who rarely let an opportunity go by to rip Christie for his infamous hug with President Obama, the New Jersey governor is apparently also willing to share an embrace with Clinton.


Some on social media predicted Christie’s antics.

Others were confused by Christie’s love for someone he had just labeled a “loser.”

We’re thinking someone needs to incorporate the following into an anti-Christie ad immediately:

Will the Hillary love hurt Christie in the same manner his Obama hug has lingered during his political career?