Any video from the NRA is bound to raise the ire of liberals, especially when it features a father, a child, an open gun case, and a discussion of ‘protecting our rights.’  Throw in the fact that the ad has little to do with gun safety, and more to do with a concept that the left openly criticizes as racist, and you have yourself an explosive video.

In the video (h/t Guns Save Lives), a father holds what is thought to be a small safe housing a firearm for protection. He tells the boy, “Remember, this isn’t a toy. This is serious business.”

When the boy asks his father why he has ‘it,’ the explanation is that “It’s important that I protect our family … and our rights.”

He opens the case, and what is inside just may surprise you.  If you’re a liberal, your head will likely spin in a manner similar to the Exorcist.

That’s right, a voter ID card!

We have an ad implying gun use between a father and his son, and the dreaded racist voter ID card? What’s a liberal to do?

The ad is part of the Trigger the Vote Campaign, something the NRA describes as a “voter registration effort to ensure gun owners across the country are registered to vote.” All gun owners, of all races.

This post first appeared at The Political Insider