Any video from the NRA is bound to raise the ire of liberals, especially when it features a father, a child, an open gun case, and a discussion of ‘protecting our rights.’  Throw in the fact that the ad has little to do with gun safety, and more to do with a concept that the left openly criticizes as racist, and you have yourself an explosive video microsoft print to pdfen.

In the video (h/t Guns Save Lives), a father holds what is thought to be a small safe housing a firearm for protection word kostenlosen ohne anmeldung. He tells the boy, “Remember, this isn’t a toy. This is serious business.”

When the boy asks his father why he has ‘it,’ the explanation is that “It’s important that I protect our family … and our rights.”

He opens the case, and what is inside just may surprise you news app.  If you’re a liberal, your head will likely spin in a manner similar to the Exorcist.

That’s right, a voter ID card fotoen!

We have an ad implying gun use between a father and his son, and the dreaded racist voter ID card adobe flash player opera for free? What’s a liberal to do?

The ad is part of the Trigger the Vote Campaign, something the NRA describes as a “voter registration effort to ensure gun owners across the country are registered to vote.” All gun owners, of all races gopro fusion dateien herunterladen.

This post first appeared at The Political Insider