You Know Who First Demanded Transcripts Of Hillary’s Paid Speeches? Hillary

In the months leading up to her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton raked in nearly $22 million in paid speeches from banks and other groups, including many New York college universities.

Clinton has remained quiet on the issue, dodging on requests to release transcripts of her speeches.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked “Are you willing to release the transcripts that are under your control?”

Clinton responded “I said I would look into that.”

Now Clinton is avoiding the topic of her transcripts yet again, saying she’d release them once “everybody who’s ever given a speech to any private group” releases their transcripts.

The thing is, not everyone else made six-figures by giving paid speeches which had a list of demands written in their contract.

A list which turns out to include – “$1,000 for a stenographer to provide her a personal transcript.”

Via the New York Post:

Meanwhile, SUNY Buffalo revealed it paid Hillary $275,000 for a speech last year, and agreed to such demands as $1,000 for a stenographer to provide her a personal transcript.

She also insists on staying in the “presidential suites” of luxury hotels, and requires a private jet to and from the venues, according to records involving her $225,000 speech at a University of Nevada fundraiser, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

When you demand a stenographer at the rate of about $1,000 per hour, it should be fairly easy to get the transcripts from them in short order.

What is Hillary hiding in those speeches? Did she say one thing in private that would hurt her run for public office?

Jeff Bechdel, America Rising PAC communications director said, “Secretary Clinton will say or do anything to win, and that includes telling a debate audience she would look into releasing her paid speech transcripts and then changing her mind two days before New Hampshire holds its primary.”

“That’s the behavior of an unethical politician who can’t be trusted,” he added.

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