Wow: White House Press Secretary Actually Has to Defend Against Perception That Obama Thinks He’s Emperor

Last night, the President announced he would use executive power to change the immigration system to his liking.  That action stands in stark contrast to Obama himself admitting that to do so would be to act like an ‘emperor’ rather than the President of the United States.

Obama has previously confirmed his own belief that what he is about to do on Friday “would not conform with my appropriate role as President” as using executive orders to suspend deportations would be in violation of “laws on the books that Congress has passed.”

He also explained that he could not take these actions because “I’m not a king … I’m required to follow the law.”

So having declared that he was not king nor emperor of the United States, ABC reporter Jon Karl (video below) actually had to verify that his status as President still stands.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

On Tuesday, ABC Chief White House correspondent Jon Karl brought up Obama’s remark from last year and asked if the claim still stood. “Is that [claim] still operative?” pressed Karl.

“Absolutely,” said Earnest.

“Not a king?” replied Karl.

“That’s right.” said Earnest.

It is unclear whether Obama will be able to continue claiming not to be emperor or king once he goes through with executive amnesty.

Watch the exchange …


Tell us your thoughts – Is Obama acting more like an Emperor than the President of the United States?

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