Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe the audio of Ernest Hewett (D) telling a teenage girl that he’s “got a snake” under his desk for her…

Via The Day (h/t Memeorandum):

During a Feb. 20 Appropriations Committee hearing, a female 17-year-old ambassador for the Connecticut Science Center asked the committee to continue funding the center’s ambassador program.

During her speech, she said the program helped her overcome her shyness and get over her fear of snakes.

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According to an audiotape of the hearing, Hewett said: “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

Here is the clip (offending portion toward the end of the clip, 3:06):


Everyone at the hearing thought it was hilarious!

And, according to the Daily Caller, calls for Hewett’s resignation were ignored:

The New Day also reported Connecticut Republican Party chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. called on Hewett to resign. However, House speaker Brendan Sharkey only gave him “a slap on the wrist,” according to Labriola in the story.

Is this person getting a slap on the wrist if his name is preceded by the letter ‘R’?