Wow: Alex Rodriguez Was Working With Foundation Named After Boy Who Hung Himself Over Steroids

The Washington Post has a head-shaking report on the Taylor Hooton Foundation, an organization named after a 17-year-old boy who committed suicide 10 years ago due to mood swings associated with steroid withdrawal.  Alex Rodriguez it seems, worked closely with the foundation, and joined Taylor’s father to visit kids at Boys and Girls Clubs in Miami and New York, telling kids they have “God-given traits” to succeed and do not have to resort to “pills and syringes.”

Rodriguez was recently suspended 211 games for evidence linking him to continued steroid use, and for his relationship to the Biogenesis lab that supplied numerous suspended athletes with PEDs.

Via the Washington Post:

Don Hooton, Sr., has been trying to work himself into an angry lather over Alex Rodriguez. He wants to be furious at A-Rod for deluding him and his foundation, dedicated to the memory of his 17-year-old son, Taylor, who 10 summers ago hanged himself in his bedroom because of what doctors say were the wild mood swings associated with steroid withdrawal.

But he can’t muster hate for a malicious fraud as much as sympathy for a psychologically sick friend.

 “It’d be great if there were a perfect opportunity to beat the [expletive] out of him if I wanted to, but that wouldn’t be right,” Taylor’s father says. “Because he did a great job for me — believe it or not, he really got through to the kids.”

A-Rod visited Boys and Girls Clubs and high schools with Hooton in Miami and New York the past several years, telling kids he made a mistake and that they have the God-given traits they need to be whatever they want — that there is no need to put pills and syringes in their bodies to look like their athletic heroes.

Finally, Hooton thought, after testifying to Congress in 2005 with other parents whose cut and buff sons took their own lives after they got off their ’roid cycles, a former cheating superstar who became an advocate for his cause.

The audacity of this man to preach to children that they do not need PEDs to succeed, warning them of the inherent dangers.  And to do so on behalf of a foundation started in the name of a child who had killed himself due specifically to steroid use.  Incredible.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation cut ties with A-Rod on Monday, and Taylor’s father credited him with doing good work for the children. In fact, his harshest criticism remains with the federal government and congressmen who listened to testimony regarding his son and his suicide, and still chose to do nothing.

Regardless, Rodriguez’ actions are deplorable and show a man completely detached from the reality of his own shortcomings.


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