Wounded Cop’s Dad Says His Son ‘Wasn’t Too Happy’ That Mayor De Blasio Visited Him

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hasn’t been making friends lately with the NYPD, having been booed and called a “traitor” at a graduation ceremony, and watching officers twice turn their backs on him.

Police officers have been fed up with the Mayor, who has referred to police action in the Eric Garner case as being guided by “centuries of racism” and saying he had to tell his son Dante, who is biracial, that he should never reach for his cellphone when interacting with police because he ‘might be misinterpreted if it was a young man of color’ by police.

The divide has become so pronounced, that prominent media members are calling for de Blasio to resign.

Need more evidence that the police force does not care for their mayor?

An officer wounded in a shootout in the Bronx, didn’t feel honored when de Blasio came to visit him.  In fact, he “wasn’t too happy” about it at all.

Via the New York Post (HT Weasel Zippers):

One of the cops wounded in a wild Bronx shootout didn’t appreciate a hospital sympathy visit from Mayor Bill de Blasio, the wounded officer’s dad told The Post on Tuesday.

The mayor accompanied NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to St. Barnabas Hospital overnight to see wounded plainclothes officers Andrew Dossi, 30, and Aliro Pellarano, 38.

“He wasn’t too happy about the mayor’s visit,” Dossi’s dad, Joe, told The Post at the family’s home in Rockland County.

“He (Dossi) deals with some crappy people every day and getting no support (from the mayor), come on. These are the guys in the trenches dealing with anything and everything.”

Dossi’s father also claims that the mayor didn’t seem particularly interested in what was happening with his wounded son.

He said de Blasio “seemed passive” and was interested in little else other than sitting back and listening to conversation between Dossi’s father and Bratton.

Dossi is also an Iraq war veteran.


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