In culture, fraternities and sororities, in particular, aren’t usually portrayed as a hotbed of kindness and caring. They usually get a bad rap. Think Legally Blonde, The House Bunny, or even Animal House.

One sorority in southern Mississippi is changing that stereotype, with a heart-warming story of making the hopes and dreams of one dying veteran come true.

92-year-old World War II veteran Paul Sonnier, who served in the Navy during the attacks on Pearl Harbor and later in the theater of war, told a worker at his hospice care center that he had one last wish – “to dance with a beautiful woman.”

The worker, Jessica Moreau, was an intern who just happened to be a member of the Phi Mu Sorority at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

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So she gathered up her sisters at the sorority and made his wish come true.

Sonnier, held hands with the pretty ladies while lying in his hospital bed, his final wish now a reality.


Sonnier’s daughter told WDAM that his family was so appreciative of the gesture.

“What we appreciate the most is that our greatest generation member, my father, is happy that this younger generation appreciates everything that he did and sacrificed so they can sit here and have fun and have the freedoms that they have,” she said.

And the ladies had fun too.

“Today, we had the opportunity to host a party for Mr. Paul, a WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, to fulfill his last wish!!” they wrote on social media. “We had such a great time dancing, singing, and eating lemon cookies with him!!”


Moreau said the feisty World War II veteran would frequently ask her to dance during his stay under her care.

“He’d always ask me if I wanted to go to Ropers, the local bar,” she told WDAM. “He says I’ll teach you how to jitterbug and the Waltz.”

He finally got his chance.

And while he couldn’t physically dance with the sorority sisters, he was still so happy just to see them.

“It feels good to be with all these beautiful women,” he said.

We’re glad the ladies of Phi Mu were able to make Sonnier feel good, a small token of appreciation for his many years of service!

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