Woolf Hammered For Sexist ‘Manual Labor’ Comments

Democrat congressional candidate Aaron Woolf recently took a shot at his Republican opponent Elise Stefanik, saying the extent of her work experience is “sitting behind a desk,” adding that she’s never done manual labor like the men in the contest.

Woolf:  Elise Stefanik has lived a very white collar life.  I don’t know if you’ve ever worked manually for a living like I have and I’m certain Matt probably has.  I don’t know if you can say something to a 49-year-old who’s working with their body, with their hands, it’s a very different thing than sitting behind a desk and operating a computer.

Watch the clip below …

Fox News liberal commentator Bob Beckel offered his thoughts on Woolf’s comments, saying it’s something you’d expect to hear from somebody running for president of his senior class.  He added, “That was a scripted answer by the way.”  Meaning they drew it up on the chalkboard and still thought it was a good idea.

Today, the panel on Outnumbered took their shots at Woolf.  You can view the video here (transcript is below) …

NRCC spokesman Ian Prior provided the following statement:

Manhattan multimillionaire Aaron Woolf’s bizarre and unprofessional campaign continues to try and outdo its own incompetence. Just a month after one of his campaign workers made national news for his sexist letter to the editor targeting Elise Stefanik, Woolf took to the debate stage and implied that women don’t perform manual labor like men do. It seems that every week there is another embarrassing story about Woolf that reminds everyone how unqualified he is for Congress.

Andrea Tantaros took the most poignant shots at Woolf, calling him a “misogynist” and a “dummy.”

Here is the transcript:

ERICKSON: a debate for a house seat is getting heated, when aaron wolf createtized his — criticized his opponent for never having worked a manual labor job.

((video of debate))

WOOLF: she’s lived a white collar life. i don’t know if you’ve worked manually like i probably have, you can say someth to a 49-year-old who’s working with their body, with their hands, it’s a very different thing than sitting behind a desk and operating a computer.

ERICKSON: she shot back attacking her opponent’s wealth and the family’s business.

((video of debate))

STEFANIK: aaron, you’re the only multimillionaire running for this race. i’m proud of my experience would recollecting in my family’s — working in my family’s small business. we sell plywood delivering to companies all across this district. so, you know, with all due respect, i’m proud of my work experience, and i think it speaks for itself.

SMITH: you go, girl.

ERICKSON: all right. so, harris, sexist or just 19th century con descending aristocrat? [laughter]

FAULKNER: all of the above. i think he’s out of touch. i think he got stuck. he didn’t have maybe a good argument there, and he just kind of went for low hanging fruit. i’m not quite sure what he was thinking. but you know what? i give her a lot of credit. she stated the facts, and i’m proud of my work experience.

ERICKSON: isn’t this now economically the odds are that a 20 or 30-something is going to have a job at a computer and not manual labor.

SMITH: good point. look, she’s very proud of what she does for her family business, working behind the desk, running sales and marketing and management. this is a serious role, and she prides herself on it. i think he looked weak and defensive in his argument.

ERICKSON: yeah. i mean, what do you guys i think?

EARHART: i think it reminds me of do you remember the moment when teresa hines kerry said laura bush needed to get a job, a real job? turns out she had been a librarian and teacher for ten years. i think it’s going the bite him in the long run because he looked like a jerk, and she handled it beautifully, and it made her look intelligent.

TANTAROS: it’s pretty bad when you’re attacking your opponent for having a job. [laughter] is this now the new campaign theme? and he says that she’s white collar. again, she points out he’s a huge mull by — multimillionaire. you know what you haven’t worked with, buddy? [points to head] this right here. you dummy.

ERICKSON: she’d be the youngest person in the u.s. house if she got elected at 30.

TANTAROS: i guarantee she will. and by the way, if that’s the logic, so president obama, bad president, didn’t hold a manual labor job. how about joe biden? i don’t see him out there on construction sites. shall we go through the list here?

EARHART: andrea, you worked in the family business. i guarantee she’s done manual labor.

TANTAROS: no doubt.

EARHART: and someone called in sick, honey, i need you to go outside and help

ERICKSON: it’s interesting how that plays into larger narrative of campaign season. there’s this sense that washington listens to the big businesses and completely ignores small business and the middle class.

FAULKNER: well, it sounds like he’s being — used to being listened to. good for him. make your dreams come through.

TANTAROS: misogynists are on the left, that is for sure, and we expose them right here.


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