, a project of the Independent Women’s Voice, today released a 30-second web video, “Boyfriend,” ahead of President Obama’s convention speech minecraft lucky block mod herunterladen.

Women, who four years ago overwhelmingly supported candidate Obama based on his promise of a robust economic recovery and a new tone in Washington, are feeling a bit cheated herunterladen.

For the first time this year President Obama is going through a rough patch with women, leaving him upside down on favorability rankings, with a majority (50%) of women voters, single and married alike, viewing him unfavorable while only 46% find him favorably herunterladen.

Despite his dubious efforts to win women over, his policies have resulted in the real war on women: chronic unemployment, rising cost of living and a less-than thrilling economic recovery te comp herunterladen.

Said IWV President, Heather Higgins: “We’re just reflecting what we are hearing over and over wo kann man legal musik downloaden kostenlos.  The “change” all went the wrong way.  The “hope” has turned to disappointment.  It’s like a boyfriend that didn’t work out. You invest so much in them, you think they’re perfect firefox pdf anzeigen nicht downloaden.  And they’re not.”

Here’s the video…