President Trump understands that he is President of the United States, not the world herunterladen. While Democrats are closing out 2019 obsessed with impeachment, President Trump is securing a series of wins for the America First agenda on multiple fronts:

  • Wall Street Journal | Trump’s ‘America First’ Trade Vision Comes Into Focus on Three Fronts
  • The President secured congressional approval of the USMCA, a significant “rewrite of the nation’s largest trade deal” that finally puts American workers first douapp iphone.
  • The President is “securing an unusual Chinese pledge to boost imports of U.S. goods.”
  • The President also secured a victory at the World Trade Organization that will help “coerce America’s trading partners to the bargaining table.”
  • “Combined, the efforts show an approach toward U.S befunky kostenlosen. trading partners and multinationals that is focused more on pressuring companies to produce domestically and sell American-made goods abroad…”

The USMCA is a particularly huge victory for American dairy farmers, who are unfairly disadvantaged by Canada under the old rules:

Meanwhile, thanks to President Trump’s leadership, illegal immigration at the southern border is plummeting:

  • Washington Post: “The number of people U.S herunterladen. authorities took into custody fell nearly 6 percent from October to November, to 42,649, the latest figures show. Arrests have dropped 70 percent since May, when U.S herunterladen. authorities detained 144,116 amid a record influx of Central American families.”
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While the Democrats continue to fight for one thing—impeachment by any means necessary—President Trump is fighting for the American people ice age herunterladen.

Via Donald J. Trump for President