This past election cycle, Democrats relentlessly assailed Donald Trump for promising to build a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border.

“Here in America we don’t let our differences tear us apart,” First Lady Michelle Obama said. “Here in America we don’t give in to our fears, we don’t build walls to keep people out.”

Well, her husband certainly believed in them at one point.

A newly released Wikileaks memo reveals that Barack Obama was a big fan of border security as a candidate for President in 2008.

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In fact, the memo describes the building of a fence as one of the Obama campaign’s “core goals.”

Via the Daily Caller:

A leaked internal memo from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign says that fencing at the US-Mexico border could help cut down on illegal immigration.

The memo, which was made public by anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, is dated September 7, 2008 and contains a list of immigration promises and proposals.

One of Obama’s “core goals,” according to the memo: “Preserve the integrity of our borders to reduce illegal immigration.”

A section titled “Fencing,” says Obama “Supports physical fencing along border under very specific circumstances, where it makes sense as a matter of security and to act as a deterrent to unsafe undocumented entry.”

You can check out the campaign memo, the first section of which discusses fencing below …

Immigration Promises DRAFT by Peter Hasson on Scribd


Of course, we already knew President Obama recognized the importance of fencing to secure borders.

Several months ago, he agreed to raise the border fence by a good five feet to protect the people within.

No, not at the U.S.-Mexico border … at the White House, where a fence stands to protect he and his family.


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