White House to Illegal Immigrants: “We’re Not Saying Don’t Come, We’re Saying Don’t Come Now”


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

“… for so long, and we have already begun to implement. We are progressing every single day. I don’t have a particular timeline, but all I can do is communicate, both to the American public, and to the individuals seeking protection, that we are working around the clock seven days a week to make that time frame as short as possible, but they need to wait. But they need to wait with a particular goal in mind.

We are not saying, don’t come, we are saying, don’t come now, because we will be able to deliver safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible.

There have been, I understand, approximately 105 families reunited in the recent past, that is through the extraordinary efforts of council and others in the community.

We are joining with council, with members of the community to work on this, and Michelle will be full time and we are dedicating resources full time across the government and the Department of Homeland Security specifically to this effort. The urgency of it cannot be overstated.”

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