The White House slammed Hillary Clinton for her criticism of First Lady Melania Trump’s anti-cyberbullying ‘Be Best’ program.

During an interview with Bravo last week, the former Secretary of State mocked Mrs livesetsen. Trump for launching a children’s wellness campaign oft-criticized due to her husband’s own behavior on social media.

“I think she should look closer to home,” Clinton remarked klingeltöne kostenlos herunterladen pc.

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White House Response

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham replied to Mrs. Clinton’s assertion in exclusive comments to the Daily Caller freeplane free download.

“She of all people should refrain from doling out relationship advice,” Grisham pushed back. “Her bitterness and envy were on full display.”

Her bitterness and envy have been on display for about four years now wikipedia seiten downloaden.


Melania Leads By Example

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While the White House and President are more than willing to engage in back and forth with bitter political enemies, Melania prefers to lead by example using grace and class herunterladen.

The First Lady has responded to critics of the ‘Be Best’ initiative in the past with the kind of poise you’d expect to see.

“It is not news or surprising to me that critics in the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue and that’s OK,” she said in 2018 hoe chrome.

“I remain committed to tackling this topic because it will provide a better world for our children.”


Bitter to the End melania hillary clinton

During the interview, a viewer asked Clinton to comment on various clips seemingly showing Mrs herunterladen conjugaison. Trump swatting her husband’s hand away.

Echoing Grisham’s comments, the former Secretary of State said, “I am the last person to comment on anybody’s relationship.”

That may rank as the smartest thing Bill Clinton’s wife has ever said vlc player 64 bit download for free german.

Envy of Melania must be a trait amongst former Democrat first ladies, as Michelle Obama has also consistently whined about her. Of note, Mrs. Obama has repeatedly complained about the gift Melania gave her on Inauguration Day.

Obama said the gift contributed to a hectic day, also noting that her daughters insisted on a sleepover the night before.

“We’re leaving, you’ve got to take all your stuff, pick up the blankets and the bears,” she said, “and they were all crying and I was just like ‘get out, we’ve got to go.'”

“So, there was that and then there was the Tiffany’s box,” she said. “It was just a lot.”

Mrs. Obama insists the gift-giving was a breach of protocol, despite video showing her doing the exact same thing in 2009.

Michelle has also dismissed Melania in the past, claiming she alone is America’s “forever First Lady.”

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