White Democrat Candidate Shouted Down at Progressive Conference

Demonstrating a unique intolerance to the viewpoints of varying demographic groups, progressives shouted down a white Democrat candidate with chants of “support black women” at the annual Netroots Nation conference.

Why does any one candidate have to only support one group of people? Why can’t they help all of their constituents? And wouldn’t supporting one group over another be a form of racism and/or segregation?

Democrat Stacey Evans, a Georgia Democrat, may be asking those very same questions after being heckled and repeatedly interrupted during the event.

Democrat @EvansforGeorgia is struggling to get through her #nn17 speech over protests from @staceyabrams backers. #gapol pic.twitter.com/TR23hHJqRo

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) August 12, 2017


Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Democrat Stacey Evans’ speech to a conference of progressive activists descended into chaos on Saturday, as protesters interrupted her repeatedly and she struggled to make herself heard over chants of “support black women.”

Evans, a Smyrna state legislator who is white, expected a tough audience at the Netroots Nation event, where her rival Stacey Abrams was treated like royalty. But she said she at least expected to be able to make it through her remarks.

That didn’t happen.

Almost as soon as she took the stage, a ring of demonstrators – some holding stark signs criticizing her – fanned out in front of Evans. The chanting soon followed. Pleading repeatedly for the room to speaks – “let’s talk through it,” she implored – the demonstrators at times drowned her out.

Evans’ opponent, Abrams, is seeking to become the first black governor of Georgia.

Several social media users noted the lack of civility and decency on display at the conference …

Lately, decency has left the building..????

— Monica Anthony (@meanthony1) August 13, 2017

They are effectively saying, “We do not want to hear your ideas – you are the wrong color so we will shout you down.”
Celebrate that.

— Thomas J. Schmidt (@TommyGunSchmidt) August 13, 2017


Interestingly enough, it is Evans who currently has the backing of several prominent black politicians, while Abrams has white progressive support according to the AJC.

You may recall that this same conference was where other Democrat candidates have been run off the stage before.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley were both shouted off stage by Black Lives Matter activists in 2015.

Their sin started when one of the candidates dared to say that yes, not only do black lives matter, but so do white lives, and for that matter – all lives matter. Seriously.

The progressive conference has crossed the line into being fully intolerant of anything not singularly focused on race matters.

Do liberals have anything productive to offer any longer, or have they been completely reduced to racial politics? Share your thoughts below!

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