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While American Businesses Suffer Waiting For Aid, Democrats Prepare to Vote On Legalizing Pot

Instead of prioritizing aid for small businesses or aid for American workers or reopening schools or battling the pandemic, Democrats are up in the clouds.



REMINDER: Back in September, Hoyer said, “I’m a supporter of the MORE Act, BUT we’ve got to get the CR and COVID-19 done because they’re absolutely critical to the welfare of our country.”

Inhale this, now in December, Democrats are voting on pot instead of pandemic aid.

Bottom Line: It strains credulity that Democrats are willing to go into the holidays with a straight face telling their constituents that they prioritized weed over pandemic relief.

It is a tale of dueling priorities:

President Trump’s leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in both Pfizer and Moderna’s coronavirus vaccines slated to be administered to the American people in a matter of weeks, but Nancy Pelosi is concerned about lions, tigers, and pot … oh my.


The Associated Press reports, “Pelosi seems to have overplayed her hand as she held out for $2 trillion-plus right up until the election. The results of the election, which saw Democrats lose seats in the House, appear to have significantly undercut her position.”

Reminder: Senate Democrats have blocked coronavirus aid and House Democrats have blocked Republican efforts to re-open the Paycheck Protection Program 40 times.

While Democrats continue to play political games to the detriment of the American people, President Trump and his administration are laser-focused on confronting the coronavirus pandemic and delivering a vaccine in record time.

Via the Republican National Committee

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