It took a mere five words for Marco Rubio to level Donald Trump for his decision to skip the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this past weekend, bringing the crowd to their feet in agreement mydrive daten herunterladen.

Trump made a huge tactical error in skipping the conference, and instead decided to rally in Kansas where he was defeated soundly by Ted Cruz on Saturday consorsbank secure plus app.

Rubio quickly jumped all over Donald’s absence, calling it out for how it appeared to many in attendance. Trump not attending made sense Rubio said, because “It’s usually reserved for conservatives.”

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Ouch herunterladen.

Via USA Today:

Donald Trump didn’t show up for the Conservative Political  Action Conference (CPAC) Saturday herunterladen. And Marco Rubio made the most of it.

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“This is the American Conservative Union,” the Florida senator said when asked why he thought the billionaire businessman had withdrawn at the last minute n64 emulator deutsch download kostenlos. “It’s usually reserved for conservatives.”

The enthusiastic crowd at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center across thePotomac River from Washington cheered the zinger from Rubio, who is fighting an uphill battle against Trump for the Republican presidential nomination download broadcasts from media libraries.

Rubio also took a shot at Trump when he stated “The American dream isn’t about how much money you make or how many buildings have your name on it.”

Rubio had his share of detractors at the event, as a few people in the crowd shouted the phrase “Gang of 8” during the question and answer segment blumen herunterladen.

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No matter how you feel about either candidate, Trump’s decision not to attend CPAC was a tactical mistake. It allowed Republicans who are trying to portray him as ‘not really a conservative’ to pounce on the moment to prove their point microsoft store herunterladen funktioniert nicht.