Last week he was telling Spanish-language television that use of the name Carlos Danger as his sexting persona should not offend Hispanics, as it was nothing more than a joke.

This week, Anthony Weiner seems to be embracing the ‘joke.’

Via the New York Post:

There’s Danger in the streets . . . Carlos Danger!

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Serial sexter and mayor wannabe Anthony Weiner appeared to be embracing his embarrassing online pseudonym and encouraged crowds that chanted, “Carlos!” and “Carlos Danger!” while marching in the Ecuadorean pride parade yesterday.

Sporting bright blue pants, a bullhorn and an Ecuadorean flag, Weiner repeatedly shouted, “Que viva Ecuador!” to the crowd as he energetically ran down Northern Boulevard in Queens with his loyal interns following.

The married Weiner used the cheesy nom de sext “Carlos Danger” in raunchy online and phone trysts with 23-year-old Indiana woman Sydney Leathers a year after he resigned his House seat in disgrace for X-rated tweets with a string of women.

It’s not the cheesy name that is the joke, it’s the man behind that name.