Weiner Caught Tweeting About His Thingy

Former New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D) ran into a little trouble yesterday on Twitter as only he can.  The man whose entire career is defined by a scandal that generated from tweeting pictures of his thingy, blamed another thingy for accidentally favoriting a tweet for the online dating site Tinder, a tweet that read “Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine.”

Via the New York Post:

Anthony Weiner may want to delete his Twitter account once and for all.

The former New York congressman was up to his antics again when he favorited a tweet made by Vox Executive Editor Matt Yglesias that read:

Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine: http://t.co/foontgR4Zc

— Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 5, 2014

Tell us how you really feel, Weiner.

Perhaps Weiner was sending it out mockingly as he already recognizes himself as the ultimate sext machine. Regardless, Weiner sent out this tweet later in the day explaining that it was merely an accident.

Ok, to recap my day. I accidentally hit the star thingy on a @voxdotcom story about Tinder. Sorry. — Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) June 13, 2014

Carlos Danger might want to consider just pushing away from the computer from now on, before he gets himself and his thingy’s in even more trouble.

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