Weekend Recession: Wife Fails Miserably at ’80 MPH’ Math Question

Enjoy the weekend, folks.  And try not to think too hard… like this woman.

Via The Blaze:

You don’t have to be married to squirm when you watch the following video, but if you are married, it will probably make it that much better — or worse.
Travis Chambers was recently taking a road trip with his wife Chelsea when he decided to ask her a question: If someone is traveling 80 miles-per-hour, how long does it take him to travel 80 miles? The answer may seem obvious. But Chelsea failed miserably at it, coming up with all kinds of theories, like “58 minutes.” Travis couldn’t stop from snickering.

That, however, isn’t the worst part. See, Travis recorded the whole thing and then posted it on the Internet. That’s when it went viral. Yikes!

Good luck on the next road trip, Travis.

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