There are two schools of thought when it comes to handling baseball fans who relentlessly heckle players on the field aus joyn downloaden.

There’s former Dodger Milton Bradley, who responded to an unruly fan by throwing a bottle at him windows apps downloaden.  A little over the top, yes?

Then there’s current Dodger Tony Gwynn Jr., who may have had the best effort at mocking a heckler in the history of baseball windows live photo gallery for free.

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Via Rockpile Rant:

Back in 2011 I was sitting in the pavilion with my friend Marianne and my boy Hunter watching a Rockies/Dodgers game whatsapp alle fotos downloaden. A few feet behind us were a couple of drunk Rockies fan who were endlessly heckling Tony Gywnn Jr.

I shot some video and posted it because I was impressed with the way Tony handled himself plus I was laughing so hard I was almost crying herunterladen. Plus by the end of the game we had all had enough of the heckler (who sounded like Gilbert Godfried), screaming in our ears.

Watch below…

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Simple herunterladen.  Discreet.  Effective.