President Obama was noticeably absent from a solidarity march against terrorism in France, prompting one journalist to write a letter of apology to the French people, and another to proclaim that “I was ashamed” of our leader’s inaction.

The question on everyone’s mind is of course, if President Obama couldn’t take a symbolic stand against terrorism – an effort that over 50 other world leaders made – then what exactly was he doing?

Fox’s Ed Henry asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest that very question, even taking a dig at the so-called “most transparent administration” ever.

Turns out, Earnest has pretty much no idea what the President was doing:

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You weren’t prepared to answer a question of the whereabouts of the President, when you know full-well that everyone is trying to figure out what was so important that he couldn’t be there to support the French during their hour of need?

Was Earnest lying? Because here is another clip from the same press conference where he explains exactly what the President was doing.

Sitting at home.

Just like Joe Biden.


What do you think? Did the President snub France because he’s not interested in taking a stand against terrorism?

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