Watch: Veteran, Former Bernie Supporter Destroys Hillary, Chelsea … And Bernie

Sean Hannity had former United States Air Force veteran, Tezlyn Figaro, on his show recently, and it was five minutes well spent.

In a fiery interview, Figaro, a millenial voter who actually served as ‘Racial Justice Director’ for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, was clearly fed up with being disparaged by Hillary Clinton and her team.

She responded to Clinton’s campaign manager doubling down on the “deplorables” comment, as well as newly surfaced audio which features Hillary calling Bernie supporters “children of the Great Recession” and “living in their parents’ basements.”

Figaro was none too pleased, unleashing a torrent of verbal beatdowns at Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and even her former pick for president, Sanders.

Via Fox News Insider:

Figaro said she was deeply offended by Clinton’s remarks:

“I have news for Hillary Clinton and everyone who supports her– I did not grow up in Mommy’s basement…the only time I was in the basement was when I was running from an Oklahoma tornado.”

“I grew up with the shirt on my back, [and] at 18 went to Dallas with no car and no job…and became a business owner with 300 paid employees. No one has given me anything, I never looked for anything for free…[and] served time in the US Air Force.”

“What type of basement did Chelsea Clinton grow up in? …because her basement was sure as Hell nicer than mine,” Figaro said.

Figaro went on to blast Bernie, who she felt betrayed by, because he “folded like a napkin” to support Hillary.

“When election time comes,” Figaro warned, “[We Millennials] will be staying in the basement and sit this one out.”

Incredible! You have to check out the interview with the Air Force veteran below …

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Figaro says the disdain for Bernie supporters by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign are par for the course.

While supporters of the Vermont socialist were being banned from the convention in July, Figaro stated “mistreatment of Sanders supporters is the norm within the Democratic Party.”

Will that mistreatment come back to haunt Hillary in November?

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