Watch: Trump Isn’t About to Let ANY European Leader Stand In Front of Him at NATO Group Photo

President Trump headed out for a NATO group photo only to find prime minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, standing in front of him.

So the President went alpha male on Marković, pushing him aside and getting to the front of the pack.

The liberal media is calling this a shove, which is what you’d expect snowflakes to say. It’s really nothing more than Trump getting a little bit aggressive in his zeal to get to the front of the photo.

It’s actually pretty damn funny. Take a look …

Did Trump just shove another NATO leader to be in the front of the group?

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) May 25, 2017


CNBC reporter, Steve Kopack, slowed down the incident a bit for viewers …

Slo-mo: Trump appears to push aside/shove another NATO leader to get to the front of the group.

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) May 25, 2017


Via the Daily Mail:

A Trump moment went viral for the wrong reason on Thursday as he and the leaders of 27 other NATO member countries assembled for a photo at the treaty organization’s gleaming new Brussels, Belgium headquarters.

Trump made his way through the group to take his position in the front row next to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Duško Marković was in his way.

So Trump put his hand on Marković’s upper arm and shoved him aside.

‘Shove’ seems just a touch strong. You can see in the video that Marković, while taken aback at first, quickly smiles and gives Trump a pat on the back.

Besides, if anyone wants to see a Trump shove …

Watch Chris Moody’s Vine, “That time Donald Trump took down Vince McMahon ringside at WWE.”

— Kevin Goheen (@Mrkalman) May 25, 2017


Come to think of it, that’s probably how reporters are visualizing the NATO photo op incident in their minds.

For most of his encounter with NATO, Trump wasn’t in the mood to cave in to other world leaders. The President told NATO he would not support a common defense provision, then told them that member nations weren’t contributing enough to the effort.

Just look at the reaction of NATO members as Trump said directly to their faces that 23 out of 28 nations aren’t contributing enough.

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) May 25, 2017


When all was said and done, President Trump ended up where he belonged for the group photo – right up front – while the Prime Minister of Montenegro was in the back row to the far right.

Marković’s country doesn’t become a member until June 5th.

Funny or rude? Tell us what you think of the Trump ‘shove.’

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