Watch: Is Someone Smuggling Something Into Dannemora Prison On Live TV?

Governor Cuomo has ordered a full investigation into how two convicted murderers escaped from the maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility.  It has been nearly two weeks since Richard W. Matt and David P. Sweat managed to cut their way out of their prison cells.

Meanwhile, a viewer caught something in the background of a live news report recently.  During an interview with a local reporter on the Fox News program hosted by Greta Van Susteren, background imagery appears to show a mysterious individual delivering a bag inside Dannemora prison from the street.  The bag is delivered to a guard tower, raised via a rope.

Via North Country Public Radio:

The reporter was giving the latest news of the prison escape and the manhunt. She and the host did not notice what was happening in the background, but the viewer did. “There’s a person in the background with a red bag, walking across the street in the background…and they walk over to the prison wall,” the viewer narrated.

This person, wearing civilian clothes and dark rain jacket, climbed steps under one of the guard towers, an area civilians and reporters have been warned away from since this prison break began. In the video, the person is not warned away, instead something else happens.

“Somebody lowers a rope and pulls a bag up and the person walks right across the street and disappears,” the viewer recounted. The entire process is not visible in the video, but one could clearly see the bag the woman was carrying as it was hoisted up the side of Clinton Dannemora Prison. The viewer who recorded the segment and posted it online was clearly flabbergasted and exclaimed, “How do they get the stuff inside the prison, we don’t know. Right there! There you go!”

Watch the video below …

The video description reads:

The same Prison (Clinton Correctional Facility) that 2 convicted killers just broke out of and are on the run from. Watch while during the news cast someone drops a rope over the wall and hauls up contraband!

Update: Greta Van Susteren reported that the scene above is a “legitimate delivery” but did not expand on it.  Several people have indicated this is how tower guards have food delivered to them on a daily basis.

Wouldn’t something like this – a system to deliver food into the prison while bypassing security – be a major red flag for how the prisoners could have smuggled contraband into the jail? And why wouldn’t a practice like this be immediately halted considering two murderers just broke out of the prison?

What do you think – legitimate delivery or major red flag?

Update:  Greta Van Susteren shares our concerns.  Here is a statement from her:

“We were told it’s legitimate but, if you ask me, even if this has been going on for generations, as a way to get things from the ground to the towers, I think everything should go through the front door of the prison and not up the back wall on a pulley because you never know if something could go wrong.

“But beyond that, how about the optics? This is a prison in which someone sneaked more than a file in a cake and two vicious guys escaped and this is what they do on camera on national TV? At best, not a great PR move.”

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