Watch: Patriotic American Sings Star-Spangled Banner Over Walmart Intercom

An Ohio man still feeling patriotic after this past 4th of July holiday, belted out the National Anthem on a Walmart intercom while vacationing with his family in Missouri.

The video is going viral.

40-year-old James Fruits, who has done this in public settings before, was responding to a friend’s Facebook challenge asking people to share something they were certain nobody else had done before.

Fruits quickly responded with ‘singing the National Anthem in Walmart.’

The friend challenged him, according to WLOS, saying ‘video or it didn’t happen.’

So Fruits did it in the flag aisle at the local Walmart while on vacation, but store managers urged him to grab the intercom and have a go at it for the entire store.

Fruits obliged, and the result was magic!

Man blows away shoppers with rendition of Star-Spangled Banner over intercom system.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 12, 2017


Via ABC News:

An Ohio man is gaining viral attention after singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” over a loudspeaker in a Wal-Mart while vacationing with his family.

James Fruits, 40, of Cleveland, was captured on video while performing at the retail supercenter in Osage Beach, Missouri, on July 8. Wal-Mart posted the footage on its Facebook page, where it’s received 590,000 views since Tuesday.

“It’s blown me way and I am honored and humbled that so many people are loving it so much,” Fruits told ABC News today. “I am happy to brighten people’s day and I definetely feel like that’s my life’s mission — to make a differnce wherever I am. So if that’s bringing a smile to people’s faces while I’m on vacation with a video of me singing the national anthem, then so be it.”

An excellent job, Mr. Fruits.

“People gathered around and cheered and there were some Wal-Mart employees there as well,” he said. “I thought great timing being around the Fourth of July and being in the heart of Missouri where people seem to be super patriotic.”

For his efforts, Fruits was rewarded with a $10 gift card – paid for by an employee – and a Walmart cape.


That’s right – a Walmart cape!

Fruits urged anyone who may be inspired by his video to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in his daughter Mylee Fruits’ honor.

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