WATCH: NYPD Officer Hilariously Mocks Anti-Trump Protester

An unhinged leftist protester outside of Trump Tower got a healthy dose of sarcasm from an NYPD officer assigned to protect the building.

Fighting through tears, one woman relentlessly shouted at officers guarding the building and shuffling protesters away from secure areas.

She was really set off when, in her view, an officer rolled his eyes at her. At least one of them in the following video can be seen stifling laughter.

“You roll your eyes because you’re f***ing weak,” she screeched. “You think you’re a man and can roll your eyes at a f***ing young woman.”

It’s a good thing she didn’t say ‘young lady’ because there is nothing lady-like about this person …

Woman goes ballistic on NYPD for doing their job near Trump

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) August 14, 2017


Well, if she was mad about the eye roll, then this comment from one of the police officers surely set her off.

Responding to their chants/complaints/tears/hysterics, one of the officers responded sarcastically that by doing his job, he had clearly “sold my soul for a badge.”

He hardly gets the words out of his mouth before breaking into laughter … Hilarious!

“I sold my soul for a badge” – An NYPD officer to protesters while moving them away from Trump Tower

— nick wray (@nickwray) August 14, 2017


Via the Daily Wire:

However, during one exchange between police and leftists, one police officer responded to their chants with something lacking on late-night television: comedy. Using a clearly sarcastic tone, he stated that he “sold my soul for a badge.”

Naturally, the protesters decided to take him seriously rather than appreciate the humor.

This is the best way to respond to this insanity. It is much easier to respond to these individuals by making fun of them rather than taking everything they say seriously. Since these protesters are not at all serious, then it is better to treat them as a joke.

The reactions of the befuddled protesters to his comments are just too rich. They clearly didn’t get the joke and responded with more sadness in their voices. It would have been interesting to see had he held the joke without laughing if they would have given him a group hug and tried to counsel him after such an admission.

I don’t know what I liked the most, the subtle sarcasm by this police officer or that these protestors were too dumb to get it.

— Kim Stokes- Edwards (@kimmiejs) August 15, 2017

He couldn’t hold on the smile after their stupid responses ????

— Aaron ???? (@Peekaso) August 15, 2017


Well done, officer. And thanks for keeping Trump Tower and the streets of New York safe. Even when dolts like this are screaming in your face.

What did you think of this police officer’s joke? Share your thoughts below!

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