Watch This Montage Video of Liberals Predicting a Hillary Landslide Just Because It’s Fun

During a long stretch as host of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, host Chris Berman would frequently lead into a segment about an overwhelming favorite taking on an underdog team by saying, “And that’s …. why they play the game.”

It was a way of explaining why some matchups that seemed like a sure thing on paper turned out very differently when the two teams met on the field.

That was all I could think of this week as Donald Trump – an underdog in the truest sense, having been outspent, outworked on the ground game, had the establishment against him, the media against him, the education system, big money donors, political power players against him – defeated the Clinton dynasty.

The liberal media had a field day prior to the election results, repeatedly predicting a sweeping victory for Hillary Clinton. She was going to win in a landslide, and Trump might deliver the House and Senate to the Democrats as well. He was just that bad a candidate.

They were wrong … So let’s all sit back and enjoy this montage clip of the media fumbling their predictions in an epic manner, just because it’s fun to point and laugh at them for being so out of touch with America.

These pundits and talking heads have been sneering at everyday citizens for so long that a little laughter pointed in their direction is well-warranted.

Via Grabien:

one can predict the future, but when your job is projecting political outcomes, TV talking heads have a lot of explaining to do. After all, in the run-up to Tuesday’s underdog victory for Donald Trump, the chattering class predicted a “landslide” for Hillary Clinton with regularity.

Enjoy the montage above for a quick trip down memory lane.


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