Some D.C. Democrats & members of the media remain all consumed with blind partisan rage against President Trump, facts be damned curl zertifikat herunterladen. media coronavirus trump

Reality check for Joe Biden who can’t seem to remember what President Trump’s actual coronavirus response has entailed warum kann ich keine dateien herunterladen.

Is the mainstream media corrupt?

Reality check for Nancy Pelosi who alleged President Trump was fiddling and delayed his coronavirus response skat game download for free. Pelosi also hinted at an “after-action” investigation that can only be interpreted as another guise for Democrats to start another round of sham impeachment proceedings minecraft kostenlos online spielen.

Reality check for NBC’s Chuck Todd who takes the cake with the most unhinged moment of the morning when he asked Biden if President Trump has “blood” on his hands lego spiele für pc kostenlosen.

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Give me a break. It’s questions like this that show why the media is underwater by 11 points in the latest Gallup poll.

Meanwhile, poll after poll shows that the American people are fully behind President Trump. The new Washington/Post ABC poll out this morning shows the American people trust President Trump more than Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus outbreak and to handle the economy.


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