Watch Kirsten Gillibrand Blast Trump’s Sexism – Then Immediately Change Her Tune on Bill Clinton

When will Democrats realize that a good percentage of why Donald Trump is the President right now is because politicians that came before him – Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid – set the bar so low for lawmakers that their shtick no longer works?

They blast Republicans for being racist – and it no longer works.

They blast them as anti-woman – and it no longer works.

So when Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) comes along and denounces alleged ‘sexism’ by President Trump, it falls on the deaf ears of those who know the full background of someone like former President Bill Clinton, a provably serial sexual abuser.

Nowhere is this more evident than an exchange Gillibrand had with The View co-host, Meghan McCain. The hypocrisy is thick, as the senator rails against Trump but is then questioned about Clinton and immediately starts walking on eggshells.


— Rae (@RaeLynnZiegler) January 29, 2018


The hemming and hawing is something.

It’s remarkable to hear Gillibrand say that it’s just a different time now and sexual misconduct needs to be taken seriously in today’s atmosphere. Implying that it didn’t need to be taken seriously when Clinton was in office! How anti-woman is that?

“That’s why a lot of people were really surprised that it took you twenty years to say that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal,” McCain hammered Gillibrand. “So what do you say to that?”

“I think this moment of time that we’re in is very different,” Gillibrand explained.

Well, OK, even if you thought that it should be OK to harass and assault multiple women while serving as President 20 years ago, surely you’ve evolved in that position within the last few years. Right?


Nice job @MeghanMcCain… Also worth mentioning that @SenGillibrand was perfectly content watching lawmaker after lawmaker in NY have their sexual misconduct victims paid off with taxpayer money by Sheldon Silver. Time wasn’t up then. She remained silent, allowed it to happen.

— Rusty Weiss 🇺🇸 (@rustyweiss74) January 29, 2018


Gillibrand famously remained silent in the New York state government as then-Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver was paying off victims of harassment at the hands of lawmakers using taxpayer money.

New York Democrats had a slush fund to pay off harassment claims long before Congress had theirs, which was just discovered in recent months.

In 2014, reports surfaced that Silver had forked over $100,000 to a pair of victims of former Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez, which then ballooned into $700,000 of legal fees to fight the women who said his actions were tantamount to “encouraging” the behavior.

Gillibrand never uttered a word of complaint in Silver’s direction. In fact, she repeatedly called Silver ‘the perfect person to represent New York.’

Gillibrand is no champion of women. She is a political opportunist, someone who actually stands as a detriment to women’s progress. A champion of Clinton, an enabler of abuse in her own state.

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