WATCH: Kids Encouraged to Smash ICE Agent Piñata at Chicago Chamber of Commerce Party

Video has emerged of children being encouraged by parents to smash a piñata decorated like an ICE officer at a Chamber of Commerce block party organized by 25 Chicago businesses.

The event, a block party dubbed East Side Community Day in Chicago, was designed to be fun and family-oriented.

But Anthony Martinez, leader of the Chicago chapter of Los Brown Berets, an activist group, bought a Batman piñata and dressed it up as an ICE officer.

Images and video surfaced online of children being encouraged to bash the ICE agent.

“Some parents were holding their kids to hit the piñata,” Martinez boasted.

Harmless Fun?

Still, he insists the incident was all in good fun, explaining “it was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement.”

“We’re just making a statement,” about deportations being wrong, Martinez explained. “Taking children from their parents, separating them.”

In reality, the statement is one encouraging people to be garbage parents in support of people who drag their kids on a criminal activity because they’re garbage parents.

WATCH: Children hit a piñata in the shape and image of an ICE agent as parents help and watch.

This happened at a block party hosted by 25 East Side businesses in Chicago.

Every single parent should be ashamed for promoting violence to their children!

— John Catsimatidis Jr (@johncatsjr) July 24, 2019


Further politicizing the ‘family fun’ event and encouraging violence, kids were also encouraged to throw balls at a painted image of President Trump.

Even better – CBS 2 reports that Martinez plans to donate any proceeds from the piñata smacking and Trump bashing to aid illegal immigrants.

Liberals Love Their Piñatas

While it may not be the norm to have children bash piñatas of law enforcement officers or public officials, the left, a good portion of whom think like children, sure do love the activity.

In 2017, a Colorado public high school Spanish teacher was placed on leave for having her students hit a Trump piñata to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

In March of 2018, students and teachers at Laguna Hills High School in California were filmed whacking a piñata made in the likeness of President Trump during Spanish class.

In July of the same year, Occupy ICE picked up the crazy by rolling out a makeshift guillotine and beheading a piñata of the President.

A group known as the Knights for Socialism did include children in their lunacy years ago, holding a fun-filled event in which kids were encouraged to hit a piñata with Trump’s face using a baseball bat. Those kids were encouraged to “kill Donald Trump.”

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