A reporter was dragged out of the press conference between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland Monday.

Sam Husseini, who received press credentials through The Nation, was questioned by the United States Secret Service as well as Russian officials, brought back to his seat, and then summarily ejected after he held up a sign which read “nuclear weapons ban treaty.”

The media will no doubt portray this as an example of two ‘dictators’ strong-arming the beloved press word excel powerpointen. But there’s much more to the story it seems.

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One, Husseini was holding up a protest sign, so he had clearly evolved from the role of reporter to one of an activist at that point herunterladen conjugaison. And two, people on scene said he had spent a good portion of his time heckling other reporters.

It’s clear he was trying to make a scene and likely wanted to get kicked out to prove some sort of a ridiculous point vlc player 64 bit download for free german.

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In the above report, Fox Business noted that it’d be awfully difficult for a protester to access the media room at the Trump-Putin conference without credentials herunterladen.

The Nation has claimed Husseini did garner credentials through their media outlet, but the question now is, why?

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Husseini’s author page at The Nation shows his byline on exactly one article, appearing on June 5th of this year gadgets windows 10 downloaden.


Why would a man with one lone article for a particular publication, earn press credentials to a high-profile summit between world leaders through that same outlet kostenlos pferde spiele herunterladen?

Granted, Husseini does serve as communications director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a D.C.-based nonprofit that promotes progressive experts as alternative sources for media reporters trecker games download for free.

Why not apply through that organization then?


Husseini was grabbed by the waist and pulled out when he returned to gather his things. Instead of going quietly he held up his sign, something Russian authorities complained was a “malicious item.”

He claims that he was simply holding up the sign in the hopes that the world leaders would call on him to ask a question about the nuclear weapons ban treaty.

How did all of the other reporters manage to stay at the press conference and get questions without holding up a sign?

The following video shows Husseini quietly being asked to go back for questioning initially, in which one person in the crowd of reporters says “Did you hear that spin? That is not what happened, he (Husseini) started yelling in somebody’s live shot.”


Others concur that Husseini was making a scene when he first got called out, then held up his sign after they brought him back in.


In other words, he was looking to get kicked out. His obnoxious behavior has yet to be reported, but every media outlet in America is promoting the second video in which he appears to be removed because he was holding a sign.

Just more of a fake news narrative coming from the left.

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