Watch How Crowd Reacts When Kamala Harris Asks If They’re Ready For Her As President

Kamala Harris, tanking in the polls of late, asked a crowd at a town hall event in Nevada if they’re ready for her to be President, and quickly regretted the question.

Harris told the audience she’s gotten to a point in this election where she needs to cut to the chase and “engage in real talk” about the election.

“I’m in the stage of the campaign where I’m kinda like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna engage in real talk.’ I don’t want to waste your time with anything else,” she said.

Harris then wasted her own time by asking what she probably assumed was a rhetorical question.

“In this election, in the last couple – I mean, maybe couple of months, certainly a few weeks, there’s this whole conversation that has been coming up about electability focused on our campaign,” she explained. “Is America ready for that?”

Several people in the crowd indicated they were not, in fact, ‘with her.’

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Not a good sign for Kamala Harris.

When Harris asked if America was ready for her presidency, the crowd shouted, “no.”

America doesn’t want someone to be President who will destroy private healthcare, destroy the 2nd amendment, & regulate what you eat.

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) October 3, 2019


As a few of those not supportive of Harris’ bid were vocally shouting “No!”, a shocked expression came over the California Democrat’s face.

“Well, yes they are,” Harris responded, momentarily diffusing the embarrassing situation.

Did the crowd members misunderstand her question? Were they trolling her? Or are they genuinely not interested in seeing her as President?

Viewers on social media were quick to compare the episode to another famous campaign debacle – Jeb Bush’s call for supporters to “please clap” to his low-energy campaign.

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Here’s Jeb Bush asking an audience in New Hampshire to “please clap”: @shiftmsnbc

— NTA by Mic (@NavigatingTrump) February 3, 2016


Maybe the people shouting in the negative simply don’t like a candidate who wants to take away your health insurance and provider, regulate what you can and cannot eat, or confiscate your guns.

Maybe they don’t want a rogue resistance Democrat in office who has vowed to prosecute President Trump.

Maybe they don’t take kindly to somebody who agrees with the notion that President Trump is “mentally retarded.”

Maybe they don’t want someone who equates illegal immigrants and criminals to deployed military fathers.

It’s not electability that is the problem, Ms. Harris, it’s that your just another unhinged radical leftist propped up by the Democrat party as a counter to President Trump. And America isn’t ready for that.

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