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Please take a moment to check out my latest work, titled ‘Shadows’, with a beautiful video done by Wires ios 10.3.
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& A live style freeverse video is now up, please check that out as well 🙂

Come Sail Away by Donald Gould –
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Donald is good, I talked to him recently, he’s still stable and living in Germany, very happy herunterladen.

To clarify, Donald wasn’t playing his own personal piano. He was 100% homeless at the time of this video, and the Piano he played (Painted & donated by Viktorija Bulava) was a public piano provided by the restaurant, and was only outside during certain hours of the day herunterladen.
I don’t remember if he said anything about himself having a phone, and could not confirm that he’s carrying a phone, it could very well be a pack of cigarettes ice age herunterladen. But a lot of people had free phones, thanks to Obama.
Anyway, I think that covers it, thanks for reading.
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Thanks to Viktorija Bulava for doing the art on the piano shown in this video gaeb for free! Check out her website here
Also check out her facebook!