Watch Hillary Nod In Approval As Supporter Says Gun Manufacturers Are Turning Americans Into Terrorists

At a ‘gun violence’ forum in Port Washington, NY a Hillary Clinton supporter declared that gun and ammunition manufacturers are “making terrorists out of” Americans.

The big t-word, used to describe American gun owners, surely must have rankled Clinton who as a far-left extremist is unable to say the word when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

Not exactly. Clinton was caught nodding her head in agreement with the supporter.

Via the Daily Caller (HT Weasel Zippers):

Hillary Clinton nodded in emphatic approval on Monday as one of her supporters claimed that gun and ammunition manufacturers “are making terrorists out of our citizens.”

“If we all get angry enough we can start saving lives and stop making…our citizens are the terrorists,” said a woman who took part in a gun violence forum in Port Washington, N.Y.

The woman and four others were joined on the panel by Clinton and New York Rep. Steve Israel.

“We’re so worried about terrorism but we have terrorism on our own soil. Our gun manufacturers, our ammunition manufacturers are making terrorists out of our citizens. A sobering fact,” the panelist continued.

“Go online,” she said as Clinton continued to nod approvingly. “Go buy a semi-automatic weapon. They’re all available online with not much to prove because mom and pop somewhere out there are making them, and there’s nothing to prevent people who are mentally ill and people who are on terrorist watch lists to making our citizens become terrorists.”

Of course, this is nothing new on the left. In 2011, the Democrats, media, and our own President were actively comparing Tea Party members to terrorists.

Remember President Obama declaring after the Gabby Giffords shooting that we need to talk “with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds?” Perhaps Clinton and her supporters would do well to follow that advice.

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