What is your initial reaction when somebody tries to claim Hillary Clinton is an honest and trustworthy individual?

Bewilderment? Confusion? Perhaps an exasperated sigh?

During a debate in Florida’s 13th congressional district last night, the crowd in attendance had a different reaction – full on laughter.

Democrat Charlie Crist made a fool of himself when he ticked off a list of admirable traits he sees in the Democrat presidential nominee. One of those attributes?

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Crist said, “I believe that she is honest.”

That’s when the crowd burst into laughter. Take a look …


Via America Rising:

Charlie Crist reminded Floridians tonight why he’s a national laughingstock during a debate for the FL-13 Congressional District.

Crist, who has unsuccessfully run for Senate and Governor in the last six years, has set his sights on the House this year and is challenging Republican David Jolly.

During tonight’s debate, Crist said that he planned to vote for Secretary Clinton and began listing her attributes. It was yet another banal debate answer until Crist, unprompted, said he believed Clinton was “honest,” which was too much for the Tampa audience who collectively burst into laughter.

“I am proud of Hillary Clinton,” Crist proclaimed. “I think she’s been a very good secretary of state, a very good senator from the state of New York.”

He added, “The thing I like most about her is I believe she is steady, I believe that she is strong, I believe that she is honest, and I look forward to voting for her.”

In short, the crowd reacted as such …


A very recent Quinnipiac poll summarized Clinton’s honesty numbers as such: “Americans think Hillary is a liar.”

A staggering 65% of likely voters in that poll said they do not feel she is honest.

Crist obviously falls in the minority, and it’s interesting to see a crowd that is supposed to be even-keeled during a live debate come unglued at the thought of Hillary Clinton as an honest person.

Democrats may want to reconsider hitching their horse to that cart this election season.