Watch What Happens When A Liberal Tries To Compare The GOP To Anti-Gay Muslims

During a discussion of the Brexit vote on his show Real Time, Bill Maher unexpectedly came to the defense of Republicans after a liberal guest tried comparing the GOP to radical Muslims in the UK.

Maher started off the panel by challenging the notion that the Brexit vote was a result of racism and xenophobia in the UK.

The National Review offers a good summary of the liberal commentary that came out after the shocking and historic vote:

In the wake of the U.K.’s decision to withdraw from the EU, the anti-Brexit crowd has leaped to explain the vote in stark terms. “The force that has been driving [‘Leave’ voters] is xenophobia,” wrote Vox’s Zack Beauchamp, and at Esquire Charles Pierce explained: “Some of the Oldest and Whitest people on the planet leapt at a chance to vote against the monsters in their heads.” The Guardian’s Joseph Harker mused: “It feels like a ‘First they came for the Poles’ moment.” And blogger Anil Dash managed to squeeze all of these dismissive opinions into a single tweet: “We must learn from brexit: Elderly xenophobes will lie to pollsters to hide their racist views, then vote for destructive policies anyway.”

Maher immediately fought back against those talking points, asking his panel about radical Muslims infiltrating England, “Is it really phobia if you have something to be afraid of?”

Maher cited the fact that a majority of British Muslims believe being gay should be a crime, something Democrat strategist Paul Begala apparently thought was the same belief of Republicans.

“What percentage of American Republicans believe that? Can we deport them?” Begala replied.

Maher immediately shut him down saying Begala’s comments were pure “bulls***.”

Watch the segment below …


Via The Blaze:

Maher noted that 52 percent of British Muslims believe being gay should be illegal, according to a poll.

“What percentage of American Republicans believe that? Can we deport them?” liberal commentator Paul Begala replied.

Maher immediately pushed back.

“They think it should be illegal?” Maher asked incredulously.

“Sure,” Begala replied.

“That’s bulls**t, Paul,” Maher said. “Stop it.”

Maher went on to say Islam is need of reformation and the millions of moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out against the radicals due to “violent intimidation.”

“And every time someone says ‘Islamophobia,’ it gives the people who are intimidating cover,” he added.

Say what you want about Maher – he is mostly a detestable waste of talent – but he has consistently been right about the threat of radical Islam in the world.

He has previously blasted President Obama for not calling terrorists ‘Islamic extremists,’ saying it’s “crazy” not to do so.

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