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It’s almost as if Judge Neil Gorsuch knew this question was coming.

On the second day of hearings before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary concerning his nomination to the Supreme Court, Gorsuch was asked by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the panel’s ranking Democrat, if he could name a case in which he sided with workers against powerful constituencies. Committee Democrats have argued Gorsuch consistently rules in favor of corporate interests over and against needy plaintiffs.


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“I’m just looking for something that would indicate that you would give a worker a fair shot,” the senator said. “Maybe it’s in your background somewhere, but I would like to have you respond to it any way that you can.”

“I’ll name a bunch of [cases] right now,” Gorsuch replied. “Ute 5 and 6, Fletcher, the Rocky Flats case, which vindicated the rights of people who had been subject to pollution by large companies in Colorado. I would point you the magnesium case, a similar pollution case in the Salt Lake City area.”

He went on to name a number of other cases in which he ruled in favor of sympathetic plaintiffs, including a pregnancy discrimination case and sexual harassment cases, among others.

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