Using an infomercial-style platform, the GOP released a video which mocks Hillary Clinton’s exorbitant speaking fees, her diva-like list of demands, and the fact that she claimed she and her husband can relate to the average American worker because they too, were once dead broke.

The video features a staffer doing his best imitation of a ShamWow salesman, claiming customers can get Hillary to speak at their events for the “low, low price of $2,777 – that’s just $46 per second!”

Watch the entertaining infomercial below …

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Via the Free Beacon:

The RNC released an infomercial video poking fun at Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees that shakes things up from the typical dark, doom-and-gloom stuff seen in political videos. Instead of having a man with a deep voice recite tired talking points over crude cutouts of an opponent, the GOP opted to have Mike Mears, who works at the RNC, give his best Billy Mays impression.

Mears said that “For the low, low price of $2,777–that’s just $46 per second!–You, yes, you can promote Hillary Clinton as your next featured guest!”

The minute-long video portrays Clinton as out-of-touch by going through a list of absurd contractual demands by her camp wherever she speaks, such as lemon wedges, hummus, and diet ginger ale.

This past summer, a contract between the University of Buffalo and the former Secretary of State revealed not just a hefty price tag, but a diva-like list of demands. The Clinton speech yielded over a quarter of a million dollars for the formerly “dead broke” Democrat.

What did you think of the political ad? Was it a breath of fresh air in a sea of dull, cookie-cutter ads?

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