Watch What This Fox Sports Reporter Said About Black Lives Matter

While most liberal Democrats have been forced to bow before the Black Lives Matter movement, cowering in fear of their thuggish behavior and forced to apologize should they dare to suggest ‘all lives matter,’ Clay Travis is not one of them.

Travis, a Fox Sports analyst and consistent Democrat voter through the years, ripped the Black Lives Matter movement, saying they are actually responsible for the deaths of hundreds or thousands of black people because of their actions.


Via The Daily Caller:

Fox Sports personality and Outkick The Coverage founder Clay Travis had harsh words for the Black Lives Matter movement Thursday night.

Travis, who has talked about the subject previously, tweeted out his opinions on the matter Thursday night claiming that the BLM movement has lead to “hundreds & potentially thousands more black people dead.”

Black lives matter protestors have led to hundreds & potentially thousands more black people dead. #copsmatter

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) April 8, 2016


Naturally, the vitriol following that post was fast and furious.

One follower said he was formerly a fan of Travis’ up until that post. Now, he said, Travis is “just … another white man who hates black people.”

Another follower called Travis out for making such a statement but still voting Democrat, especially considering it’s the current President who has enabled the Black Lives Matter crowd.

@ClayTravis But yet you’d vote O again after giving rise to and supporting this mess, saying he’s done a good job?! Makes no sense.

— Tom Kennedy (@tjk1985) April 8, 2016


One particular person suggested that Travis back up his accusation, something he has actually done in the past. He cites the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore as an example, a case where officers were charged in a racially-motivated witch hunt. As a result, police backed off on proactive law enforcement and murders in the city rose exponentially.

“I mean, look at Baltimore,” Travis stated. “The citizens went to war with the police, charging several with murder in the Freddie Gray incident. As a result the police pulled out of aggressive policing and hundreds more minorities have died than would have died if no protests had ever happened.”

One thing is certain – Travis is not willing to hold back his opinion on just about anything. Recently, he tackled the pro-Trump chalkings at Emory University that had precious little snowflakes students feeling ‘uncomfortable.’

The Emory story, he concludes, proves “that this generation of college students continues to establish themselves as the biggest pussies in American history.”

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