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WATCH: Fox Sports Reporter Is Doing Her Job When a Former President Decided to Photobomb

Fox Sports Southwest’s Emily Jones was reporting on a Texas Rangers baseball game when she got the broadcasting moment of a lifetime.

It appears former President George W. Bush was returning to his seat behind Jones, shouted “Hey!” behind her left shoulder, and calmly continued on.

Whatever your overall assessment of the man as President, there’s no mistaking that ‘W’ is about as much of a ‘regular guy’ as there is when it comes to politicians.

Watch the epic photobomb below…


Heh … It’s good to see the President enjoying life.

Overall, the reaction to Bush’s photobomb was positive, as people seemed to enjoy a happy moment during a difficult news cycle.


Via Bleacher Report:

While enjoying a Texas Rangers game on Wednesday night, George W. Bush playfully interrupted a reporter’s on-air segment.

The 43rd United States president walked behind Fox Sports’ Emily Jones. With a beverage in hand, he shouted “Hey” and went on his merry way. That counts as a photobomb, right?

Per Time‘s Ashley Hoffman, Jones approached Bush off camera and asked, “Did you just photobomb me?” He replied, “Yep, I sure did!”

One of those who really appreciated Bush’s unexpected visit? Jones herself, who referred to it as her “most favorite photobomb ever!”


It’s one of our favorites as well.

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