(WATCH) First Grader Asked About Election For Local Newscast – Calls Hillary a Criminal

Even elementary school students know a criminal when they see one – and this little girl just called out Crooked Hillary in a big way.

When Donald Trump paid a visit to a Las Vegas school, 5-year-old Annabell Hilliard was so nervous she explained “my heart was squished together, smashed.”

But it didn’t take her long to offer up her thoughts on Trump’s opponent. She told a local news reporter, “one of the ladies who wants to be President is actually bad.”

Annabell then called her out as a criminal, saying “she steals.”

Watch the report from Fox5 Las Vegas below …

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU


Here’s the really funny part: prior to the local news story coming out, the national media painted Annabell’s reaction to Trump’s visit as if he had frightened the little girl.

The New York Daily News – if you read it before placing it at the bottom of your bird’s cage – wrote, “some of the kids greeted the Republican with hellos, one child was a little more stressed out.”

“‘I’m nervous! I’m nervous!’ the worried child repeatedly whined,” the News wrote before including images of Trump holding crying babies and then asking “Aren’t we all, kid?”

Meanwhile, the Independent wrote that the children “reacted adversely” to Trump’s visit, while Esquire magazine said Trump had “casually terrified” the child because she repeatedly said “I’m nervous.”

Turns out she was excited about Trump’s visit and more nervous about a “bad” lady who “steals” becoming president.

We won’t hold our breath on the media correcting their stories and running with that angle any time soon.

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