Democrats continue their march toward incivility, despite preaching to Trump supporters for the last several months about the need for civil political discourse.

Several of Warren’s Democrat colleagues were polite, professional, and courteous to DeVos. Upon approaching Warren however, DeVos was given a dismissive wave.

Check out the exchange – or lack thereof – below (happens at about the 1:40 mark) …

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Via America Rising:

During last night’s confirmation hearing for Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, Democrats asked plenty of pointed questions. Yet throughout the hearing a basic level of civility was respected. After the hearing, DeVos approached the dais to shake hands and speak with Senators as they left.

DeVos spoke with Chairman Lamar Alexander and then Democratic Senators Al Franken and Michael Bennet. Yet when Senator Elizabeth Warren walked by DeVos, the Massachusetts Senator refused to shake her hand.

In all, at least four Democratic Senators shook hands with DeVos, but for some reason Warren could not be bothered. Warren’s discourteous wave at DeVos is part of a pattern lately of behavior beneath the office she holds.

Warren has been going off the deep end a bit lately, something not wholly unexpected from an individual willing to lie about her heritage in order to get ahead.

Last month she went ballistic in a Facebook post regarding a “hedge fund manager” she felt would benefit from President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks. Even after it turned out that the person she attacked was a Democrat, Hillary supporter, and donor to her own campaign, Warren refused to apologize.

During the heated campaign season, Warren said she would not call Trump names, but 20-seconds later had called him three different distinct and nasty names.

Now she’s approaching Trump nominees by pulling one of these …


Stay classy Senator, stay classy.

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