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>> Well, you know, every year we do something. One year I got a piercing.
>> One year you jumped in a hot tub.
>> One year I jumped in a hot tub. I forget. One year I said I was going to change my life and ready for a relationship outlook downloaden pc. We actually have just a few more minutes. So this time I have another announcement. By the way, all these things are produced. It’s not like —
>> Yes, this is a total surprise to me. Can I just be real with you all? I have no idea.
>> Hold this.
>> What is happening?
>> Are you ready?
>> Normally we’re in on this together herunterladen. You are genuinely surprising me.
>> I have a really big announcement to make. I got to take this off.
>> Did you seriously get a tattoo?
>> I might have. But the announcement is — are you guys ready?
>> Oh, my gosh.
>> That’s my announcement.
>> Don Lemon for president die sims 5 kostenlos downloaden.
>> People have been asking me all year. It’s not just Kanye.
>> What is this?
>> It’s me. No, it’s real.
>> No, it is not.
>> No, it’s real.
>> Where’s Tim? Where’s Tim? Tim? Tim? Is this real? This is not a tattoo. Please tell me this is not a tattoo herunterladen.
>> It really hurts.
>> You are so pulling my chain. You are going to like — we’re going to get some water and that’s going to rub off.
>> No, I can’t. It’s not going to rub off. They told me not to really touch it because it might get infected.
>> When did you do this kostet es etwas auf netflix zu downloaden?
>> I did it after we went for the ax thing today. So I’m in pain. I’ve been taking painkillers all day.
>> That’s why you’ve been drinking all day long.
>> I have not been drinking. People really think I’m drunk at this think.
>> I’d say you’re actually pretty sober. Maybe this sobered you up hörspiele mp3 gratisen. I have so many questions for him. Don’t worry. You have questions.
>> I’m not kidding. It’s a real tattoo. We have 4:25.
>> I feel like this night flew by.
>> Yeah. Oh, wait. Hold this.
>> He got a tattoo, you guys. Okay. Now I know he’s full of it. Okay. I’m so over this. I’m over new year’s eve herunterladen.
>> It’s totally true.
>> I am over Don Lemon.
>> Totally true. I actually got it in the hotel. They came to my hotel.
>> You’re so mean. I hate to love you, but I do.
>> Every year we have the best time.
>> I can’t believe I get paid to do this once a year free powerpoint presentation.
>> I know. I want to apologize to the entire crew for ripping up the stage and running into the crowd. Someone did something a little weird to me when I was down there.
>> I don’t want to know. You’ve revealed enough. You’ve revealed enough.
>> Don’t tell. Should I tell? I won’t tell herunterladen. But it had to do with white power.
>> What is happening?
>> I don’t know what’s happening, but we’ll leave that alone because we want this new year to be amazing. It’s going to be an amazing decade.
>> Yeah.
>> We’re going to have a great career. We’re going to have great marriages windows 10 upgrade 24074.exe downloaden. I’ll figure out where and when I’m going to get married. Then I’m going to run.
>> And you’re going to run for president.
>> Yes, an independent.
>> I quit.
>> Our bosses are sitting at home right now going, no!
>> You are so naughty.
>> I like to have a good time.