A chip off the ol’ block as they say …

Donald Trump Jr. hit the campaign trail for a Republican candidate in Montana, and was interrupted by a heckler demanding to see his father’s tax returns shadow fight 3 herunterladen.

Trump Jr. was delivering a speech to support businessman Greg Gianforte in his effort to succeed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for his vacant House seat anstoss 2 gold download.

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That’s when one man in the crowd shouted, “What about your dad’s taxes? I want to see his taxes.”

Trump Jr. didn’t hesitate in delivering a blistering response in support of the President, pointing out that far-left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had already done the favor of releasing his tax return and demonstrating that Trump paid a higher tax rate than both Democrats Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama probleme beim herunterladen von whatsapp.

“Guess what,” Trump Jr. said to the heckler. “You can do it all. You can be successful [and] you can pay your taxes… Thank you for the intro.”

The crowd erupted in cheers whatsapp spionage app download kostenlos.

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Take a look …


Via Fox News Insider:

Turning to the man, Trump Jr herunterladen. smiled and said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow successfully proved the president “made 150 million bucks and paid $45 million in taxes [in 2005].”

Trump Jr google chrome sicher herunterladen. said Maddow showed that his father paid a higher tax rate than Democrats Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama herunterladen.

“So guess what. You can do it all. You can be successful [and] you can pay your taxes… Thank you for the intro,” he said as the crowd began cheering iphone videosen youtube.

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Trump Jr. laughed off the heckler as the cheers rained down, knowing he had turned this man’s tax return comment completely around on him input languages.

“I wouldn’t have gone there,” he said, thanking the man.

Trump Jr. also reminded the crowd how he had thanked Maddow at the time for pointing out the same exact thing herunterladen.

“I actually thanked Rachel Maddow,” he said.


When are Trump protesters going to learn that this tax return argument doesn’t get them anywhere? They’ve been proven hypocrites for supporting candidates who paid far less in taxes than did President Trump.

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