A disturbing video has emerged from Rochester, NY, of a teenager waiting outside a convenience store for an older woman to emerge.  When she does appear, the teenager delivers a chilling punch to the side of her head eyes the horror game free download.  A friend of the teenager taped the entire incident and then uploaded it to Facebook.


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Via the Daily Caller (h/t Gateway Pundit):

Rochester New York police are characterizing the brazen attack of an elderly woman as harassment rather than what it appears to be — another example of the hotly-debated “knockout game.”

The attacker, a young black male who operated a Facebook account under the name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey”, narrated his plan for the camera relive videoen.

“True Goon”, who according to his now-deleted Facebook account attends John Marshall High School in Rochester, grabbed a snowball from the ground saying, “I’m about to smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store.”

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“True Goon” proceeded to dance and shimmy for the camera as his friends laughed java 6 kostenlosen.

“This is the skinny bop,” he said as the woman emerged from the store.

But the teen didn’t use the snowball. Instead, “True Goon” slung a left-handed haymaker into the woman’s face ist von youtube musiken legal. After the vicious hit, the woman, looking bewildered, grabbed the side of her head. She remained standing though, meaning that “True Goon” did not win that day’s Knockout Game prime video herunterladen.

“Smack cam!” screamed the videographer five times after the punch was landed.

The blogger who reported the attack, a man from Rochester named Davy Vara, asked the person who tipped him off about the Facebook video to record it from a computer screen herunterladen. The video was later deleted from the Facebook account and “True Goon Tocool Sneekey’s” Facebook account has disappeared, but not before information and pictures of the young man were captured by screenshot waipuen.

Had this been a white teenager physically assaulting a black woman, it would be dubbed a ‘hate crime’ within seconds of an incident being filed download images illegally.  Unbelievably however, Rochester police have called the incident a simple case of harassment, unwilling to even label it an assault.