In what will surely be a stunning blow to his ego, House Intelligence Committee Chairman and ringleader of the impeachment circus, Adam Schiff, could not be identified by Jeopardy contestants in an episode of the game show aired Wednesday night herunterladen.

This, despite the fact that the contestants were given a fairly obvious clue AND an accompanying photo of the California Democrat.

Alex Trebek, the beloved host of Jeopardy, offered the clue: “1/53rd of California’s House delegation is this Intelligence Committee chairman.”

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On-screen, a fairly recent image of Schiff appeared herunterladen. Yet, none of the contestants were able to identify President Trump’s nemesis.

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

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Blow to the Ego

The winner of last night’s episode and woman featured in the video in which they are unable to identify Schiff is a librarian from the left-leaning city of Portland herunterladen. She is also a 3-day Jeopardy champion.

Schiff must be crushed.

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This is, after all, a man so infatuated with the cameras that he was caught mugging for reporters during impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives ebook bei amazon herunterladen.


Mike Joyce, regional communications director for the Republican National Committee, took to Twitter to mock Schiff fantasy bücher kostenlos herunterladen.

“After countless TV interviews, Sunday show appearances, and leading the impeachment inquiry on cable news networks for hours upon hours, nobody knew who Adam Schiff was on Jeopardy tonight,” Joyce wrote herunterladen. “Think the American people are focused on impeachment? Think again.”

Jeopardy episodes are taped months in advance, so it’s possible this particular one was filmed prior to depositions in the House regarding Trump’s ‘impeachable’ phone call in early October app where you can movies for free.

Still, as the RNC points out, Schiff had been titled the “face of the Democratic resistance” by the Washington Post over a year ago, due to his opposition to the President free youtube music online.

The Democrat has also used investigations into the President to bolster his profile: Since January 2017, Schiff has done at least 465 interviews on cable news with a total of nearly 56 hours on television.

But alas, that wasn’t enough to ‘bolster his profile’ enough for Jeopardy contestants to identify him from any other Representative in the House.


Another Jeopardy Embarrassment

We honestly can’t get over the fact that they spotted the contestants a clue and a picture and they still couldn’t figure out who Schiff is.

The incident was reminiscent of when another darling of the resistance cropped up as a clue on the game show in November.


In Avenatti’s defense, they didn’t blast his grill on the screen for everybody to see in order to aid the trivia geeks in identifying him.

Now, however, should he appear in a clue in the future, they might be able to use his latest mugshot.

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