CNN anchor Don Lemon had a veritable meltdown when his guest, former Ohio governor John Kasich, actually defended President Trump’s coronavirus address to the nation downloaden van youtube op usb-stick.

The President delivered a televised address from the Oval Office Wednesday night, striking a serious tone and updating the American people on measures the White House is taking in an attempt to slow the spread of the disease cd brenner kostenlos downloaden.

Kasich, not exactly a big fan of Trump’s, told Lemon he felt the address “was fine.”

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Is the mainstream media corrupt?

Lemon Meltdown

“Look, I watched the address tonight and I thought it was fine minecraft mods download kostenlos. He did fine,” Kasich said. “I’m glad he did the address tonight and I think that was important.”

Having zero tolerance for somebody on his show expressing a positive analysis of President Trump, Lemon proceeded to have an incredible meltdown, repeatedly shouting over Kasich and refusing to let him speak free calculators.

“I’ve just got to say if the president came out to calm people’s fears, he didn’t do a good job of it because he had to come back and clarify it several times!” Lemon exclaimed, practically clutching pearls as he did wiso steuer 2019 mac herunterladen.

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“And this has been going on long enough for them to get it straight! We need straight, accurate information from this president and this administration and we’re not getting it!”


Lost His Mind

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The tirade continued unabated mac os x mountain lion herunterladen. It is, after all, the media’s sole intent to divide and panic the nation by casting President Trump as an incapable leader in a time of crisis.

“I don’t understand why you’re tip-toeing around it,” insisted Lemon adobe gratis downloaden windows 10. “He came out, gave an address that’s usually- that happens very rarely he doesn’t get it right?!”

When Kasich attempted to explain his view that the address accomplished what it needed to accomplish, Lemon again interrupted skylanders trap team.

“Can I finish?” Kasich asked.

“No, no you can’t, John!” Lemon yelled, continuing to voice his opposition.


Lemon Panned

Social media was abuzz with reaction to Lemon’s juvenile display.

Townhall senior editor Matt Vespa noted that Lemon was in the midst of “having a total meltdown right now” because Kasich dared to admit Trump’s address was fine.

Game show host Chuck Woolery said the display left him “actually shocked.”

“Don Lemon has lost his mind,” he concluded.

Total Meltdown

Is this Lemon breakdown really all that surprising, however?

This is the same man who let any pretense of being an actual journalist expire when he had a laughing fit as a guest on his show mocked Trump supporters as illiterate “rubes.”


The same man who has called Trump supporters “mental” and repeatedly characterized his voters as racists.

There’s a reason President Trump has labeled Lemon the “dumbest man on television.”

Throwing a temper tantrum when somebody who normally criticizes the President didn’t actually think he did a bad job is just another example that Lemon is exactly that.

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