Watch: Chris Christie Gets In Hecklers Face at Baseball Game – But Protects the Nachos

Perhaps it’d be best for all if New Jersey governor Chris Christie actually spent some time in New Jersey.

Just maybe not the beaches.

Christie, recently named the most unpopular governor in America, is being widely mocked for a confrontation he had at a baseball game at Miller Park in Milwaukee this past weekend.

A Cubs fan in attendance gave Christie a little razzing, saying “that he sucked.”

The fan, Brad Joseph, told WISN that he “called him a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said.”

The governor responded, rather than walking away, getting into a face-to-face confrontation with Joseph – all while cradling his nacho order in a manner that ensured it’s protection.

Joseph, as you can see in the video below, seemed rather unfazed by Christie’s response …

At #Cubs #Brewers game. #ChrisChristie was getting razzed by fans, so he got in the face of one of them. 5:30 on @WISN12News

— Ben Hutchison (@BennyHutch) July 30, 2017


Via the Washington Examiner:

Video taken on Sunday shows Christie nose-to-nose with a Chicago Cubs fan at a baseball game in Milwaukee at Miller Park during a game between the Cubs and the Brewers.

Ben Hutchinson, a journalist with WISN, tweeted Christie was getting “razzed” by some baseball fans and posted a video showing Christie getting in a Cubs’ fan’s face.

“Yeah, you’re a big shot,” Christie said to the man, while holding a plastic container of nachos.

Christie, who prides himself on his tough guy persona, seemed to get rattled by something most politicians probably endure every now and again.

Now that people know they can easily get under his skin, there will almost certainly be more heckling in his future.

Christie has had a tough go of it recently at baseball games. Upon catching a foul ball at a Mets game earlier this month, the governor was booed mercilessly and even mocked by the television commentators.

Chris Christie getting no love in Queens #Mets #MLB

— Sambeze (@sambone73) July 19, 2017


That’s the perils of being a once-popular supporter of President Trump who was fired for failing to adequately do his job.

A recent poll shows that a staggering 71% of New Jersey voters disapprove of the job Christie is doing in his state.

Perhaps he’ll be fired a second time for failing to adequately do his job.

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